First Meet


Your first meet

The club is very welcoming to enthusiastic newcomers and attending the meets are a great opportunity to learn from experienced club members and meet new people. Most meets are at huts owned by various mountaineering clubs. Here is some advice for your first trip.

Sign-up: The event will be posted on Facebook 2-3 weeks before the meet. Just post you are coming and money will be sorted later. Bear in mind if you do drop-out close to the event you will be expected to pay.  A list of scheduled meets can be found here.


People will usually post up on the facebook group where and when they are leaving Glasgow. Lift-share with someone to save on fuel money and have some company on the way there.

What to bring:

As a minimum you will need a sleeping bag and food. Sometimes a group meal is organised, this will be posted on facebook. Often people bring a satisfying beverage or two, and even some snacks to share. Not all huts have showers, you may wish to bring wet-wipes.


There will usually be some people walking and some people climbing. Friday evening will involve discussion of plans while reading over guidebooks, get involved in the conversations and choose who you are going out on the hills with. If you are keen you can make some plans yourself have a look at or just plan to be flexible. Some groups may have clear goals that do not accommodate a newbie, just respect that.


If walking: bring waterproofs and warm layers. If climbing: bring a harness, rock-shoes and helmet. Many people throw everything in the car and decide what they are doing when they arrive. If you are lacking a piece of kit ask around, someone will have a spare.


Meets between December and March may be in winter conditions. You may need winter-boots, a walking axe and crampons. For winter climbing you will need climbing axes, crampons, harness and helmet. If you are lacking these ask around, or they can be hired from Tiso. Winter conditions can be treacherous but experience members are often willing to share advice.

What goes in my car for a meet (varying by conditions):

Sleeping bag, Food, Toiletries, Beer, Rucksack, Boots, Insulating jacket, Waterproof jacket and trousers, Hat, Gloves, Walking poles, Sunglasses, Helmet, Harness, Rock-shoes, Ropes, Climbing rack, Map and Compass, Guidebooks, Axes and Crampons, Directions to the hut, Suncream and Smidge.